Using your own car to get to work is expensive and stressful, contributes to air pollution and wealth of insurance companies. Yet, despite the exhaust fumes causing the choking smog in my city and three hours spent each day in traffic jams, I still drive. Why? The answer is simple: public transport simply is not the best substitute. However, several simple improvements can change the situation for better in many aspects.

First and foremost, the buses and underground trains are too crowded. During the rush hour even a short trip can be a real challenge, as you are likely to spend the whole time half hanging in the air, half lying on a person next to you. If the city council allocated a certain part of its budget and increased the amount of public transport, the problem would be solved easily.

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The next issue to consider is the price. Despite the dreadful conditions, the trip to work by public transport is not that cheap. It would be a wonderful incentive for motorists to leave their cars on a car park, if the city paid at least half of the fare.

The roads and train stations infrastructure must also be seen as a priority in city development plans. Imagine a station, which is just two minutes walk from your home, or a separate wide bus lane, which other motorists are not allowed to use, due to which the buses are not stuck in traffic jams! Would you still be eager to use your car? Very doubtful.

So, the day I can get on a bus, find a vacant seat, pay a reasonable sum of money, enjoy a fast trip in a peaceful atmosphere and, besides all above mentioned, be environmentally friendly, I will gladly say no to my car.

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