When I was fourteen, my family moved house. Although the new home was much bigger, more convenient and my own room was twice the size of the old one, I was extremely unhappy. All my friends appeared to be miles away from me and the atmosphere in my new school seemed quite hostile. Studying well was not a good way to become popular among your class mates, but it guaranteed the nickname of a brown-nose one hundred percent. For me, it was like my worst nightmare coming true. I felt lonely, I could not make any friends, and gradually I decided to stop studying so well in order just to make a couple of friends, with whom I could share at least some of my emotions.

Soon, I started doing less homework, skipping classes and wearing outfits approved by my classmates. The first person to notice the changes in my family was my Grandpa. I could see he was deeply upset and finally he decided to talk to me. We discussed the matter and he gave me the best advice I have ever got in my life. “Always be yourself”, – he said. – “If you try to adapt to the circumstances in this way, you lose your identity.” “Who needs the identity, if I am so lonely?” – I thought.

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I was considering his words again and again, and, finally, I followed his advice. I got down to work, got excellent academic results and changed school in a year. Then I found myself a good company of students who shared my interests and soon I met my best friend. So, my Grandpa turned out to be right and since that time I have never sacrificed my principles in order to be liked.