Our life will become much better if we eliminate physical punishment of children completely. If is one of the practices, which no modern parent must resort to, as it doesn’t bring any good at all – neither to them, nor to their children. Unfortunately, not everyone understands it. Let us consider why some parents still consider this measure appropriate and what drives them to beat their children and make them miserable.

Human beings can be very cruel, which is clear for everyone. They can be aggressive in their surrounding and with their equals – it is only their decision, and I don’t judge them. But those who are desperate to prove that they are strong and better than someone else, applying physical strength where intellect and self-improvement techniques must be used, – I consider them just pathetic. Such people hurt those who cannot answer them – weaker people, animals and, what is the worst, their children. In the first two cases their behavior can be frowned upon and greatly disapproved, but still can be understood from psychological point of view. But the latter case – I just don’t understand.

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Giving life to people is what we live for. When our children are born, they need so much attention and consideration. Now there are so many different methods developed on how to teach your child to behave well, study and have fun in appropriate ways. The only thing left to do is find these methods, study them and choose the most appropriate ones. Of course, it is always easier to apply physical force than to use your brains and achieve success through diligent work. But I am more than sure that our children are worth the time spent on these methods finding and the result of these techniques will be visible very soon.

Unfortunately, many parents choose the easier method, considering that in such a way they will be worthy of respect, will teach their kids how to live and will show their authority. But they couldn’t be more wrong. In such a way they just ruin their child’s fragile psyche and cause lots of problems in future. And if the child will become successful eventually – it will be despite this cruelty, but not owing to it.

On balance, parents are children’s guides in life. They have to show how to behave properly and have to lay foundation for so many important things. They have to love their children in the first place and show them that they belong to the family and are very important to its members. Beating kids is the worst way to show this, but the best way to make children depressed, or even force them to run away from home, thus dooming them to misery.