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Why Do Some Students Fail to Study Well?

Motivation is one of the most important things in each matter. If the person lacks it, he is almost sure not to reach the necessary results and not to meet expectations. I believe that it is one of the main reasons why students fail to achieve their parents’ and teachers’ hopes. They just don’t clearly see what for.

As soon as children start going to school, their parents tell them to study well in order to receive high grades. They don’t understand how these grades will be useful for them. Kids just see that in order to succeed in academic sphere, they have to miss a lot of activities that bring them joy and happiness. They lack time to go play in the yard with their friends, don’t have a chance to watch TV or even speak with their parents. And that is the first time they realize that education is bad.

Then they start to see that even if they study a lot, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee high grades. There can be other kids who are just lucky and the teacher asks them the only question which they have learned. And that is the moment when they realize that grades and education is not only bad, but also unfair.

It is clear – with the aforementioned realizations there is no motivation possible. To my mind, a lot depends on parents. They are the first people who explain their children why studying is essential. I believe that at this stage it is necessary not to concentrate attention on grades, but rather on the way education is important for future. They should explain their kids that educated and smart people are highly valued in the society and that even if other classmates consider those who study well overly diligent, it is necessary to ignore such people and continue their way. It is easy to make your kid intelligent and educated – you just have to apply imagination and be positive.

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