There are people who are double-faced and have two different characters – one for the public and other for close friends and for the time alone. Usually, these two faces are completely different and even opposite. Not only is such double life irritating for surrounding people, but it is also hard for the person as well. Too much energy is spent on sustaining two images, and if one of them will become known to the other group of people, the reputation will be greatly damaged and can hardly be renovated.

As for me, I am absolutely sure that a person doesn’t have to strive to be someone else, as it is sure to make him miserable and spoil his life a lot. If you want to become alike some other person – you have to change yourself, but not your image. Of course, it is more difficult, but it is completely worth all the efforts and will pay off very soon.

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First of all, it is a great idea to draw a list of your traits of character, subdividing them into the ones you are proud of and the ones you want to get rid of. Then you should think over the ways to eliminate the negative features and make a plan of self-improvement. You should sum up the work successfully completed each month and edit the list according to new circumstances. It is a long, complicated, but very rewarding process, which you have to undergo if you want to achieve long-standing success. If you change only your public image, the result will be transient and fragile.

I am sure that I will never have double life, as I am constantly working on my personality and I am proud of what I already am. And as for my surrounding – I always try to avoid the people who are double-faced, as it is hard to understand what they have on their mind.