Despite being called the best time of people’s lives, teenage years bring a lot of problems with them. It is one of the milestones in personal development, which influence world perception and define future in a great extent. Teens try to find their place in life and this often seems too overwhelming for them.

Unfortunately, some of them choose the wrong way and start taking drugs, indulging in stimulants,smoking and going in for other kinds of unsocial behavior. And this is one of the reasons why teenagers choose to run away from home. They think that parents don’t understand their necessities and desires and consider that without that control their life would become much better.

In fact, lack of understanding and the feeling of being paid too little attention are the most general reasons for runaways. Teens think that if they escape, it will solve all their problems and they will become happy. But in truth, everything is the other way round. They run away and are left alone without any support. They learn that in the streets it is not better than at home.

What can be done to improve the situation? Everything depends on parents. They have to learn to hear their children, understand them and talk with them about their problems. They must not…