Some people like to make a quick buck without toiling much. But the majority work hard to earn a living. Both of them cannot understand the other point of view. Those who don’t like to work cannot understand how the other group can toil all day long just to earn some money when there are other methods like lottery and gambling to make money quickly. Oh the other hand, those who believe in hard work cannot understand how people can hope to survive without working hard.

It is true that people have to work hard to live a proper life and become successful. So many people have shown by example that it can be done. There are thousands of millionaires and less number of billionaires throughout the world history, who were able to amass wealth through their hard work and ingenuity. They have demonstrated to the world that man can succeed against all odds and become hugely successful.

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People who believe in the lottery and gambling, on the other hand, depend on luck and destiny to become rich. They lack any kind of self-confidence and wait for providence to smile at them. They are not sure when or if that would ever happen. But they are always eagerly waiting for it to happen. They would rather wait patiently than do anything constructive that can make them successful.

Therefore, lottery and other kinds of get-rich-quick schemes simply destroy people’s will to work and succeed in life. People are lulled into a state of expectancy where they do nothing but wait for something to happen. To my mind, this method is extremely unreliable and it is always better to control your life on your own, than simply to wait for some fictional chance to become rich.