Why Are Soap Operas So Popular?

Watching soap operas is one of favorite pastimes for a considerable number of people. Why? What kind of people usually watches them? I will try to find out.

It is no secret that the greatest fans of soaps are women, especially of elderly age. I think, it is conditioned by the fact that women’s psychology differs greatly from the one men have. They are much more emotional, hearty, empathetic and like to experience many different emotions. Without them they just can’t enjoy life to full extent and can even lose the will to live.

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When being young and having a lot of work to do and a lot of things to take care about, women rarely resort to watching soaps, as they already have saturated and interesting life. Other situation is when they don’t live the life they want – their work doesn’t bring them pleasure and too many things disappoint them. Then, watching soaps is a way of escaping the gloomy reality and making life more interesting.

For elderly people, who have grown-up children and have already retired, soap operas become one of the few things that let them feel the variety of emotions they did when being young. Thus, it reminds them of how interesting and exciting life can be and distracts them from their own, often lonely, reality.

On balance, I think that soap operas are popular for the fact that they let people experience many different emotions and make their life much more interesting. But I think that living interesting and happy life is the best way, in which people should organize their life and to which they should strive. Of course, it is easier to watch TV instead of…