The wonderful thing about mankind is that no two human beings in this world are totally identical. Even identical twins have their own individual traits that make them unique people. Therefore, everyone is different from all the others and possesses gifts and talents that are unique. Some people might be academically gifted. Some might be talented in sports and other physical activities. Others might be good at arts. Thus, it is difficult to typecast people into a single mould.

One of the problems with education is that academic scores alone judge the individual’s worth. The higher marks they get at their school exams, the more valuable and intelligent they are assumed to be. They get better jobs, higher pays and more benefits just on account of their higher academic scores. This kind of grading system can be negatively biased towards students who are highly talented in other areas apart from academics. Some students might be excellent in sports, but not so bright in their academic lessons. This type of grading system that gives preference to academics more than other extra curricular activities would seriously affect them.

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Phasing out sports classes and giving more time for academic lessons is also a negative trend, which can affect students who are talented in sports. By reducing the time devoted to sports activities, schools would be depriving them of the opportunity to shine in their specific area of excellence. Just as it would be unfair to judge academic types on their ability to run a hundred meter dash, it would be quite unfair to judge sportsmen on their ability to perform well academically.