It is universally known that going in for sports is an important component of healthy life. Almost all the people who want to feel good and look attractive go in for this or that kind of sports. Apart from positive influence on physical state, sport activities also provoke the secretion of endorphin – hormone responsible for happiness. Thus, sport is healthy both physically and emotionally.

Unfortunately, when going in for sport, some people start taking steroidsthe hormones that are actually produced by our organism to fight stress and promote growth and muscles’ development. There are two main reasons why people make up their mind to do that. They either want to improve their sport performance or make their muscles look bigger, thus making their appearance more attractive.

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Actually, from the medical point of view, the ability of steroids to improve physical performance is quite questionable. Yes, they increase endurance and promote the growth of muscle mass, but is it really the main reason of success in sport? Steroids will not give you neither skills, nor experience or agility, so necessary for a good sportsman.

Their positive effect on the appearance is more than doubtful as well. Very often instead of well shaped body steroids promote acne, greasy hair, red spots all over the body and bad breath. All the bad influence steroids have on a human body is worth a separate report. The least we can mention is heart and hormonal problems as well as persistent problems in the intimate sphere. Taking steroids can neutralize positive effects from going in for sports and destroy your body.