With the invention of television our life became more fun. We received a great way of entertainment, and now in order to relax, we just have to push a button and find a program that is the most interesting for us. We can choose a show most appropriate for our current mood, whether it is curious, sad, fun, or any other. But let us consider the habits that television has developed in us.

TV has certainly made many people lazier. Before its invention people knew that they had to go in for some activity to have fun. But now they just have to take a sit and switch on the TV set. Lack of physical activities is also a result of coach-potato lifestyle, which is conditioned by television. Besides, due to such lifestyles different health disorders may occur.

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Almost all the people realize the threats related to constant TV watching, but the other risks may not be obvious to everyone. One of them is that TV urges us to watch other people’s lives, and some people can get so involved in some program that they forget to manage their own life. They just watch, doing nothing. And that is not the way things should be.

People have to live in action. Their body and mind depend on it. If a person is eager only to watch TV, he/she is not acting, which is contradictory to the very human existence. Everyone has to decide what role TV will play in his/her life and it is highly recommended to limit its influence as much as possible. We have only one life and watching other people’s lives is not the best way of spending it.