Studying at school is one of the most significant periods of everybody’s life. At this stage it is necessary to acquire the basic skills useful for the future life after graduation. Unfortunately, not all the students can live up to teachers’ expectations and some of them drop out of school. Let us consider the major reasons of such an unpleasant reality.

First of all, high school students are teenagers with all that it implies. They are not adults yet, but want to be treated as ones and are indignant if it is not so. They still need a lot of attention from their parents, although they act as if they are absolutely independent and seem to be ashamed of any help from relatives. They make their attempts to enter some groups, become popular and gain great reputation. So many hard tasks are waiting for them, that they are just at a loss and don’t know what to do. In such a situation it is very easy to make mistakes and even drop out of school. How can this be prevented?

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To my mind, in this situation parents play one of the most significant roles. They have to guide their children through this difficult and important stage, explain that they are not their enemies and are always ready to listen to their problems and will try to help them in any situation. Of course, it is better to develop the atmosphere of trust from the very beginning of kid’s life, but if the parents failed to do it, it is better to introduce it later, than never.

On balance, high school students have to be understood by their surrounding people and, first of all, by their parents. They have to know that in difficult situations they have somebody to turn to and that they will also be met with open mind. I am sure that in such a case the events of dropping out of schools will occur more and more rarely.