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Longing for Past or Looking Towards Future – What Is Better?

There are people who tend to look back into their past so often that they don’t have time to enjoy the present; others live in their dreams of future. To my mind, the both groups of people are missing the most important period of time – the present, which is where they live, what they do and what they really are. Let us consider what the most wide-spread reasons for such unreasonable behavior are and the ways out of them.

The first case – when a person “lives” in the past – can be explained by events that happened to this person some time ago. The person might have got so used to some environment, that when it changed, he or she just can’t find a reason to move forward and develop. Apart from some important reasons that can lead to this – such as death of a close person – people, unfortunately, can choose this line of behavior just because they don’t have a willing to improve themselves, think over some new ways of life or just change something. In this situation the best way out will be stringing oneself up to overcome this situation and start getting a charge out of present.

The second – life in dreams of future – is usually observed in cases of dreamy people who haven’t enough will and concentration to implement their dreams in reality. Such people cannot feel the real happiness, as they are satisfied only in their dreams, while their actual surrounding can be far from the imaginary one. In such a situation the best way out is to collect oneself, write down the most verisimilar dreams and make a plan of their implementation. And, of course, the most important step will be the plan’s realization.

On balance, the way out of both extremes is rather difficult and can cause lots of problems. Thus, it is better to learn how to live successfully right now and not waste even a moment of your precious life.

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Checked: 18 Jan 2018
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