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Can Eighteen-Year-Olds Use Their Right to Vote Reasonably?

When people reach the age of 18, they plunge into a world of new opportunities and liabilities. From now on they are considered full-fledged members of society with all that it implies: they can take responsible posts, marry, and do everything that is not prohibited by law. They start to make important decisions considering their life and future and start to learn how to live independently. That is, of course, the best course of events, but it is not always so.

All the people are different, have their own characters and destiny. That is why not everyone is ready to live on their own at this age. They can’t be blamed for it, as that is their nature. To my mind, at this moment it is better for a person to start thinking over their future life and preparing foundation for it. Each person at the age of 18 has gained enough knowledge and skills to do it, but not everyone wants to, and that is a personal matter. Anyway, at this age we can witness a mature personality and even he/she is not able to take independent decisions – there is no guarantee that at the age of 25 he will be able to do it.

Thus, this age is an important milestone of people’s life, when it is clear what a person really is and what he/she can achieve in several years. Thus, I think that this age is absolutely appropriate to start voting. Those who have already formed a strong personality and know what they want from life can really make valuable contribution into nation’s choice, while those who are still not mature enough probably will not be able to make such choice in 5 years as well.

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Checked: 20 Jan 2018
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