The freedom to choose is one of the most basic needs of man. Without the freedom of thought, the freedom of expression and the freedom of choice, man cannot function in the way he is designed to be. A government that rules over a nation, therefore, has to provide its citizens with the freedom to choose their own rulers. This is the reason that people in democratic nations are able to shine and live a life that makes a difference in this world. In communist nations, where this basic freedom of choice is curtailed, people would not be able to realize their full potential in their lifetime. Therefore, a government first of all has to provide freedom of choice.

The next important thing that the government should do is provide good education to its citizens. Freedom is a powerful tool, but it can be dangerous in the hands of people who are illiterate. Thus, people need to be educated on how to use their freedom. For instance, the freedom to elect their rulers is a great privilege enjoyed by people in democratic countries. But this freedom is exploited by many politicians in the third world countries so as to entice uneducated people to elect them to office by bribing them with food and clothing. Such politicians never care for the people’s real needs as soon as they come to power. People, therefore, need to be educated so that they can use their freedom to vote wisely and efficiently.

Thirdly, the government should provide the right infrastructure and the economic environment for growth and progress. It should properly manage the natural resources, manpower and all the other factors that the country is specifically blessed with. When the government fulfills its duties in these three areas, a country can truly prosper and become successful.