Over the past 10 years information technology has become part and parcel of the majority of working practices all over the world. At present if a particular company experiences difficulties with the Internet connection or their computer system, it brings their working process to a standstill. It is high time we took stock of the influence of information technology on the working world and decided whether it is an entirely positive phenomenon.

On the one hand, information technology has greatly facilitated the simplification of the working processes. Now the representatives of many professions are equipped with a multitude of special computer programmes dealing with their mundane tasks much quicker and more effectively. For instance, scientists depend on them when it comes to complicated calculations. Moreover, it has allowed people to work from home, so they spend less time on commuting and work in a less stressful environment.

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On the other hand, the simplification of working practices in some industries has brought about a lot of redundancies. Many people were left without means to survival and were forced to undergo retraining courses to be able to fit in the modern world. As for working from home, it also tends to have a negative influence. People, who by virtue of certain circumstances opt for this way of working, are deprived of the usual social contact with colleagues. They no longer regard themselves as a part of the team and lack the feeling of belonging, which triggers off negative emotions and stress.

On balance, information technology seems to have different effects on the society, both beneficial and adverse. Since turning back time and getting rid of technological advances is not only non-productive, but also simply impossible, we have to learn to deal with their negative influence.