Writing a speech, informative or persuasive, is similar to writing a paper. Just in case of writing speech you need to pay special attention to choosing words: avoiding words you are not comfortable to pronounce. Usually a speech consists of introductive part, body of the speech and the conclusive part. And the peculiarity of speech is demonstration of your personal attitude to the topic discussed.

There are several steps to make your speech about unity effective.

First of all, you need to think how much time your speech should take. If there are no limits set, it’s better to make it more brief but informative.

Then, consider your audience and build the speech according to your perception of the audience.

Introduce yourself and set up the purpose of the speech. Here you need to grab the attention of your audience and make your topic interesting for listeners.

Further, try to organize your information into several key points (it is better from three to seven) and establish their priority and effectiveness. If some points would take too much time, it is better to exclude them.

To make the speech effective you need to start from the most important point, and then come to the least significant one.

For example, if your speech about unity will discuss the problem of globalization and its affects, you need to set up the problem and your personal attitude to it. Then you transfer to existing concepts and definitions moving to your main point – globalization is uniting process with more benefits than losses both for countries and people.

If you keep to these tips, you will certainly get a great speech worth delivering to your audience.