On September 11, 2001 people around the world witnessed one of the most tragic events during the last decades. This tragedy took place in the USA, the country of wealth, prosperity and well-being. That morning everyone in this world realized that nobody could be insured against such a horrible phenomenon like terrorism. Although things have changed since that ill-starred day and billions of dollars have gone to the defense funds, everyone is still threatened with danger of terrorism. Even those people who live far away from the United States of America do not feel save and private anymore. The words like Al-Queda and Anthrax have become an integral part of the vocabulary of every person. Now they may be the part of everyday conversation between two friends who met each other in the shop or two colleagues in the office.

The problem lies in the fact that terrorism doesn’t happen in America only. It appears to be seen in different parts of the world, in different countries, cities etc.

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There are many reasons why people resort to terrorism. Sometimes the reason of terrorism is hidden in the fact that terrorists are not satisfied with the present government’s political actions and they decide to end it up with their own hands. The other reason of the terrorists’ acts is the hate. This hate is directed towards the nationality, race or religion of the other country.

In recent years the terrorism acts seem to become more violent and cruel than it was in the past. Probably, nothing else is left for us except to pray that someday people will come to their senses and realize how precious the life of every human being is.