Cities, especially large ones, offer a lot of opportunities to people who live there. They perfectly suit people with great ambitions and high expectations from life. Still, not everyone who was born and brought up in the city is satisfied with the surrounding atmosphere and longs for life in a village. So, what kind of people prefers city life and why others strive to move to the country?

Life in the city is very complicated for those people who have modest ambitions, do not stand stress and hectic atmosphere. They like stability, peace and calmness. The busy atmosphere of cities makes them depressed and unhappy with their lifestyle. That is the main reason why they don’t usually have high salaries and are always grumbling and displeased. To my mind, it is really better for them not to torture themselves and move to the place they enjoy living in.

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As for me, I don’t imagine myself nowhere else than in a big city. I was born in one of them and when I go to some calm little town for vacation, one week is the maximum I can live there. I just need to see many people walking in the streets; I have to feel the rhythm of life; everything should be dynamic around me – and that’s when I feel well and complete. I want to achieve a lot and I know that it is only possible in a big city. And thus, I am happy with what I have and I am sure to achieve even more.

On balance, I think that each person should live where he/she belongs. You shouldn’t move to a big city only because your neighbor did. If you know you like peace – live in your town and be happy. Everyone has only one life and it is no use chasing other people’s dreams and striving to meet their expectations. You and only you should decide what to do, where to live and follow your own recipe of happiness to the dot.