Father’s Role in Child’s Upbringing

It was always well-known that father is an important and very influential person for everyone, although in the past his role was often underestimated. Why it was so? Why has this situation changed? I will explain my point of view.

The standpoint that father is not so important for a child was formed first of all because children from the very moment of their birth are more attached to their mother, as they need their milk, love and care. Moreover, fathers are often busy at work, seeing their children less frequently. But what is peculiar, men often spend the time they have with children not so eagerly, or don’t want to do it at all. I think that one of the main reasons for this lies in their wives. They are somehow sure that their men won’t be able to cope with the kid and will do harm to them. Thus, they limit even that minute amount of time fathers have for children to almost nothing. And men start to think that it is right and that they are not responsible for their children till it is time to take them from some night club. But they can’t be more wrong, as well as their wives.

Father is extremely important for successful development of child’s psyche. He can teach his kids so much, and, what is important, his children are eager to receive this knowledge and are always happy to listen to everything their father tells them. And it is so important for each mother to encourage her husband to spend more time with his children, and spend it productively.

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Fortunately, nowadays the situation I described above happens more and more rarely, and now fathers start to take care of their children from the first days of their life. And I think that it is the best situation that can be. It signifies that our society becomes better and better and the next generations, brought up with more father’s influence than ours, will be much better and happier.