Internet is the phenomenon without which I cannot imagine my life. And according to statistics, almost two billion people (28,7% of population) around the world also can’t. It became an integral part of people’s daily lives, being a means of communication, work, entertainment, shopping and anything else. It is hard to believe that about 50 years ago it only started to develop.

While it took 38 years for radio and 13 years for TV to reach 50 million users, Internet coped in 5 years. Everybody who uses Internet on the daily basis understands why. It is so convenient to communicate with your friends or business partners who live far away from you without the necessity to write long letters and wait many days before their delivery. Moreover, many people are typing faster than they write, so, it is a great time-saving method, as well as a great way to express your thoughts in the full extent. One out of eight married couples in the US met online, which represents another positive feature of the Web – it can unite not only people’s minds, but also their hearts.

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Population statistics shows that the Internet penetration grew by 444,8% in the last 10 years, which is a great trend. It clearly shows that the future of the Internet is doomed to success. It gets more and more convenient each day, offering more and more interesting services, which becomes a motivation for many intelligent people never to stop developing and improving services’ quality. I am sure that in ten years there won’t be a person in civilized countries who is not advanced Internet user.