One of the things people like to do most is to blame. No matter whom, no matter for what, no matter in what respect. Whom they don’t like to blame is themselves. It is not surprising, as it is always much easier and more pleasant – in a certain perverted sense – to shift the responsibility for – something, anything – onto somebody else. It is easier to denounce than to think and try to improve yourself or, in fact, simply apply an effort.

So, if a child is impolite towards his parents and plays videogames, he is impolite towards his parents because he plays videogames, or played once, or watched somebody play, or wasn’t allowed to play – if you look through a little selection of news on this topic, you will see all these and many other variants.

This attitude towards videogames is explained simply – the majority of people representing the older generation have never played a videogame in their lives and have absolutely no idea of what they are like. They most often treat them as an idiotic pastime the youths nowadays like so much – no doubt, in the beginning of the 20th centuries the same was said about movies.

The mass media don’t hesitate to tell them blood-curling stories about children killing their parents because they played violent videogames and so on – simply because there is hardly anything easier to write than stuff like this – thus, strengthening the society’s suspicion. The reality is that a child that is capable of killing somebody by inspiration got from a videogame is already sick, and videogames have nothing to do with it.

Hopefully, as one of the game industry representative said recently, in a couple of decades, when today’s children will be grown-ups, who will know what videogames are, this suspicion will become a history.