Man Is a Social Animal

The first time when man was defined as a social animal was back in the ancient times. Aristotle wrote in his Politics: “Hence it is evident that the state is a creation of nature and that man by nature is a political animal.” Political here can be interpreted as social due to the meaning of the Greek word politikos, which meant the social aspect as well. Later, Baruch Spinoza also stated that men were social animals, and that it was because of their nature – they get from society much more convenience than injury, as they are not able to live in solitude.

This definition can be interpreted in different ways, and for me it also has a meaning. It is a well-known fact that women and men perceive this world in different ways. They think and even see differently, which is why there are often certain misunderstandings that result in major disappointments. What is interesting, women often call the men animals when they are angry with them, and indeed they are right.

Men have more resemblance with some animals than women do. For instance, as predators, they have the so-called tunnel vision. Women, in their turn, have well-developed peripheral sight. Men are more straightforward and practical and have many other characteristics that are different from women. And it is the way females should perceive them – as a kind of social animal that needs attention and their love.

Women and men complement each other and should understand their differences in order to make use of them in the right way. They should enjoy the process of getting to know their partners, and not feel upset about it. If we consider our problems in relationships from this perspective, everything will be much better in our lives.