Development in Bangladesh

When examining certain concepts in economics or any other technical field there are terms used that will depend on the field of expertise. These terms are called jargon.

  1. While most think that these refer to especially technical definitions, they are but they could be referred to as the slang that is used in a particular field and change during periods depending on the consent of the field experts themselves.
  2. Poor countries used to be called The Third World countries while the rich ones were first world countries. Now there are economically developed countries and less economically developed countries.

The country of interest in this case is Bangladesh, Thailand, which is part of the classification that would put it in the category of less economically developed countries. The topic of the day dwells on development in Bangladesh.

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  1. Here it is interesting because development in this city is taken in a different way because it is simply helping poor people instead of focusing on infrastructure or other macroeconomic levels.
  2. The speaker has used his knowledge to help in this sector as a development consultant to help in the major problems such as agricultural management and arsenic management, which is one of the major problems affecting city.

There is a major problem of arsenic in the city. This is whereby the element rises in crop plants and gets absorbed mostly in rice.

  1. According to the Lecture (on Development in Bangladesh), there are high levels of arsenic cause health problems. The speaker has worked as a development consultant to stem this problem. He has a guesthouse where he houses people that are mostly development professionals.
  2. The reputation of these facilities is very important and most people in the city would not allow renting it out for fear of use as a brothel.

In development, there are agencies that take part in helping to spread development in some countries. These multinational agencies like the UN advocate different projects for help.

  1. There is also bilateral development agencies and bilateral aid. The difference in this case is that multilateral agencies have membership in many countries, offer help to certain countries in the form of multilateral aid, and come in the form on NGO organizations.
  2. Bilateral aid can come in the form of the United States in the form of USAID. There are agencies within the country that work as NGOs for the benefit of the people in Bangladesh such as BRAC.

It is widely distributed, and shares network with the people. It also does not have many government ties. Development assistance, which is another type of jargon, in this case can take place in many ways.

  1. This is microcredit and microfinance, which is the most controversial. This is because of one Professor Yunus. Many people think that he is a fake and has a different side.
  2. The professor often claims especially in his book that he is the first person in Bangladesh that successfully started microfinance. This is false because people have been doing it all along. Some like Paul Munsch did it a decade before in the 60s.


These people started the microfinance idea and got rich off it for the exploitation of people because of high interest rates, which were better than shylocks but still exorbitant. However, there are agencies that still offer humanitarian services in emergencies. These are the bilateral agencies like USAID, AUSI, as well as CIDA.

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