APA style is one of the most popular styles for academic papers. Let’s see the main requirements of this style.
First of all, the essay should be typed with double spacing and 1″ margins from all sides. It’s better to choose the Times New Roman font (or similar one) 12pt. Each page should contain a page header at the top.

Your essay on police brutality should include several main sections: the title page, abstract, body text and references.
The title page should contain the title of the work, your name, college or university.
Next step is the abstract. Here you need to write a short summary of the main points of your work. In our case, you point out the problem – “police brutality”, and list different points of views on the problem (not less than two). If you held a research, you need to mention your research topic and research questions. Abstract should contain between 150-250 words.

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Before writing body text it’s useful to create an outline from your notes concerning the subject. In the case of police brutality essay you can point out the problem and develop reasons or arguments.
For example, you may use five stages of changing force to brutality: verbal persuasion, then – unarmed physical force, then – force using non-lethal weapons, then – force using impact weapons and, finally, deadly force. You will need to support each stage with examples, it is better to use trustworthy sources.
Listing arguments, you need to underline your point of view – that is the purpose of writing an academic essay.

Finally, you make the conclusion about the present situation and possible ways of preventing or solving the problem. At the end of your work you need to organize references in alphabetical order. It would be much easier to organize references if at the stage of studying the material you would write down the sources you appealed to.