Three years ago I successfully passed my driving test and bought my first car. In two month on a winter day I was driving my car when I saw a friend of mine waiting for the bus. The weather was so nasty I stopped and offered him a lift.

He got into the car and we started chatting about some trifles. I noticed that he had not fastened his seat belt and asked him to do it. In several minutes we got into a horrific car accident.

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I still do not quite understand what happened that night. I remember that something happened to the steering and the brakes and I suddenly realized that I could not control the car. Then it turned over. I realized that it was sheer death and started preying for my friend to stay alive. The car turned upside down once again and the roof got torn into two halves by the metal banisters of the bridge. There we stopped. Being afraid to open my eyes and see my friend dead, I kept sitting very still until I heard his anxious voice: “Are you alive?” I felt an enormous relief. “I think so. Let’s get out of here.”

When we got out of the car and called the police, my friend suddenly turned to me and said “Do you realize you saved my life when asked me to fasten my seat belt?”

This was the turning point of my life. I learned to love the world, be positive and cheerful and never waste a second chance. Besides, I have become the most careful driver you can imagine.