Open Yourselves to the Great Unknown

What is love? Perhaps, too many poets, philosophers, and writers have tried to answer this question. Have they succeeded? Well, if they had, I wouldn’t be giving you this short speech about love today. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t presume to discard millennia-worth of thought and provide you with a neat three-to five-word answer. It would be too audacious even for me. What I do want to achieve with this 3-minutes long oration is the clarity. If my public speaking about love provides greater clarity on how little we know about the subject, then my rusty speech writing skills are still worth something.

As a school student, I was captivated by romantic tragedies such as Anna Karenina and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. These stories served as cautionary tales admonishing me about the consequences of unrequited love and flaming passion. It was at that time that I swore never to fall for the seductive romantic ideology – a belief that there is a soul mate who is meant for me. Admittedly, the belief still had its allure (otherwise, I wouldn’t find Coldplay listenable). However, its enduring intensity waned considerably. You might ask: “Why would I give such a reckless, hardheaded oath?” And the answer is simple: I made a tradeoff. It was the tradeoff between ascending briefly to the deep blue sky only to burn my wings and lasting lukewarm contentment with my mate. I wanted to outsmart Cupid. Checkmate, Love! Instead of looking for a soul mate, I decided to settle for “Let’s copulate, mate!” And boy, was I wrong…

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But before I continue, let me ask: have you experienced an unyielding burning sensation in your chest fueled by a whiff of a person’s perfume, a hint of their smile, or even a fleeting thought about them? If so, then you already know what made me break my promise.

And so I believed that my fate was sealed. I carried on with my life without giving a second thought to fancy-schmancy love. Rather than focusing on a close relationship, I was only interested in superficial romantic experiences with little emotional attachment. Put simply, I did not care about searching for my “lost half.” Until it found me.
It was an explosion. The explosion of preconceived notions, taboos, and, of course, hormones. To my surprise, I wasn’t blown to smithereens by the 2000 ˚F blast. Instead, I became whole.

My relentless belief into the innately tragic nature of love vanished instantaneously. And so did unimaginative, pragmatic man I once was. So, to answer my initial question, I still have no idea what love is. But I know that the turbulent ambiance inevitably following its arrival can fuel one’s transformation for the better. Love became the catalyst for change, and this change manifested itself in the birth of tangible and intangible idiosyncrasies, emotions, and ideas that replaced my old, coarse self. The one-dimensional mode of existence was broken.

So, please, don’t eschew the great unknowable and earth-shattering force referred to as Love. The enduring, intense feeling cannot be sidestepped in favor of tepid, calculated relationship. Trust me, I tried and failed miserably. Love is simply too powerful. And it doesn’t care about your professed knowledge of it.

To hell with pragmatism, practicality, and fear. Love and be loved!

Write Your Own Sample Speech About Love Using These Tips

There are plenty of lousy speeches about love, and you don’t want to give another one. Therefore, you must be prepared. No extemporaneous speaking! Memorize the whole thing and go for the kill. When it is time to dazzle the audience, you should immediately grab their attention. Otherwise, people will fiddle with their phones and yawn through the whole speech. It must be motivational enough to make the audience listen. How to write such a speech? Let’s find out!

  1. Listen to a famous speech about love. There are scads of them on the Web. And no, the speech given by your uncle on his wedding doesn’t count.
  2. Life is short: don’t make your persuasive speech too long.
  3. Be memorable. In English, there are many powerful rhetorical devices and attention-grabbers that can be your trusted allies.
  4. Don’t squander valuable time by discussing tangential matters such as hate and friendship. Capitalize on the momentum of a powerful introduction and stay on the point.
  5. Add some humor. Without entertainment, speech will be boring and stiff. Even if your audience completely forgets your musings on the matter, they will remember how you made them feel. Therefore, try to elicit a couple of smiles.
  6. Use transitions. They alert the audience and indicate that something important or interesting is about to be said.
  7. Make sure that your manuscript contains factual and lyrical information. If possible, make it more informative by adding real-life examples.
  8. Ask for help. The use of professional assistance will result in a speech that would make Tony Robbins envious.
  9. Craft a strong ending. Add a call to action. Even if someone doesn’t like it, you’ll end on a climactic note. Thus, your speech will feel complete.
  10. Ask someone to edit and proofread your final manuscript. You don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of the audience with poor syntax or grammar.

Use our sample speech about love for inspiration. If, however, after reading the example of speech about love, creative thoughts aren’t flooding your mind, then, use our professional speech writing services.

As has been mentioned in the eighth tip, your speech should contain some factual information. Of course, its inclusion or lack thereof depends entirely on a creative direction you decide to take. If you opt for a factual approach to your speech writing, then split your oration into two parts: the empirical part and the lyrical part. Consider the following questions that will help you craft a powerful argumentative speech.

The Factual Piece of Speech

  • Is love a romantic or metaphysical feeling?
  • Can you consider love a feature of our body or is it something external that we only get to experience in the proper circumstances?
  • Do you think love is something that gets developed intrinsically or is it something that develops from the synergy?
  • Do you find it possible to teach yourself to love and is this tied in any way to the nature of the phenomenon?
  • If it is something internal (i.e., a function of our body), is it a product of our physical or mental abilities?
  • Define and describe what is meant by the love between a living thing and an object. Is that true love or does it lack something? If so, is it a requirement that there should always be two people for love to spark?

The Lyrical Piece

  • Does love you feel for your friends, family or just people you’ve met impact your life?
  • What parts of your life does love affect? Can you name it one of the underlying ideologies of your life?
  • Would it be possible for you to live without the feeling of love?
  • Are there any preconditions (just your perspective) for love between two people?
  • Suggest how big love is and how much we need it in our daily lives. If we do require it, then for what purpose?

Important Takeaway

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the sample speech about the passionate and enduring feeling we call love. This sample speech about love has been published online to help you get inspiration for your own rhetoric. We thought it would be helpful to you to read somebody’s sample as it always creates a desire to craft something powerful and moving.

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