Is It Better to Be the Only Child or to Have Brothers and Sisters?

Some people like being the only children, others don’t. Why? Each of them is brought up in different circumstances and situations, which influences their character greatly, as well as defines a lot in their future. So, what are the main reasons of people’s like or dislike of being raised without brothers and sisters?

First of all, let us define the pros. Those who enjoy this situation, often say that they like that all the parents’ attention is paid only to them. Thus, they don’t have to share their toys and personal space with a “competitor” – a brother or a sister. They get more expensive things than their friends who have siblings, as their parents don’t have to save money to buy toys for several children. They don’t have to share a room with anyone, as it is sometimes the case in families with several children.

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Of course, all the above described realities are true, but, to my mind, in this case cons outweigh the pros significantly. It is generally known that people who were brought up without siblings are often arrogant and more dependent on their parents than the ones who are used to sharing atmosphere and less attention from parents. They are more independent, used to caring about other people and don’t lack communication, as the only child often does.

As for me, who is the only child in the family, I wish my situation was the opposite. I always wanted a brother or sister to care about them and to have someone to fight with. I succeeded to become an independent and self-confident person owing to proper upbringing, but now I really miss such a person in my life.