When the question is about immigration, usually it is related to movement of people from one country to the other one. To talk about the Unites States of America, the notion of immigration is highly-debated in different areas, especially in the political one.

For a long time, immigrants were the ones who created the history of the whole country. The United States of America is the country, which was founded by immigrants long time ago, but even nowadays a great number of people still flock here. Why do they come? They are looking for political freedom and an opportunity to achieve the aims they failed to achieve at home. No matter what, the USA is still the land of opportunities.

Among the reasons why people prefer to live in the United States of America is the one that they are planning to make up a successful marriage which is quite possible. They are looking for better employment. The majority of immigrants agree to change their place of living in order to forget about poverty and leave behind unemployment in their mother countries. They hope to find better fortune elsewhere than at home.

One of the main beneficial factors which causes immigration of millions of people is the education factor. People want to study at the corruption-free good colleges and universities and they are able to do that in America.

To talk about illegal immigrants, in the United States of America they get an opportunity to earn more money, than at their homelands and have relatively better life style.

To cut the long story short, it would be better to name the basic and the most important factors, which attract people to go to the USA and make living in this country much more beneficial, than in their motherland: political liberty, religious broadmindedness, better economical opportunities, high standard educational level.