Why Do I Vote?

As far as politics is concerned, society falls into two categories – those who partake in it and those who don’t. As for me, I am not the one to go to meetings, become a member of some party, or argue with other people for my beliefs. At the same time, I belong to the group that chooses to take part in the political life of the country. Why is it so? I will explain.

Being an active person, I always try to be aware of the most essential events going on in my country, and if something huge happens, I prefer not to be a distant observer. At the same time, I am not that interested in politics as to risk my life for it and spoil relations with people. The majority of time I am in neutral position, still keeping an eye on what is going on, but I always partake in such events as elections and polls. Thus, I consider myself to be a peaceful and full-fledged society member.

Some people don’t like to vote, as they think that their opinion doesn’t bother anyone. But to my mind, they just have problems with self-esteem, and nothing more. Of course, I am just one of millions of people who are living in this country and voting, but I know that I can make a difference and that my vote is a part of it.

Every time I go to elections and choose the candidate or party that, to my mind, is the most honest and suitable for the given position. And I think that I behave in the right way. I feel that my vote makes a difference for me, which is the most important, to my mind.