Effect of Environment on Person’s Upbringing

As soon as a person is conceived, it starts being influenced by many factors. The first 9 months the influence is filtered by mother, as the child is living and developing in her belly. Then, he comes to this world and everything changes at once. The child becomes a full-fledged member of the family and of the environment, although often adults don’t consider him to be one till the age of 3, or even later. I will try to explain why they are wrong.

The first years of a person’s life are extremely important for his future, as within this period foundation for everything is being laid. And it is clear that without proper basis nothing can go well: a building will be wrecked, a dish will be unsavory, etc. As far as a human being is concerned, the scale of the problem is much greater.

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Thus, it is extremely important for a person to be brought up in proper environment. Scientists have already agreed that proper and facilitating surrounding is even more important than heredity. The child has to be embraced in respect, love and trust. In this way he will understand that there is nothing bad and frightening in the world and will acquire such important traits as self-confidence, trustfulness and ability to love. So much depends on the parents, but, unfortunately, too many of them consider their children to be too imperfect and deficient to be perceived as equals. They can’t be more wrong.

If all the parents succeed to create proper environment for their children, our world will become so much better. We will be surrounded by strong personalities with profound knowledge in so many spheres of life. Our children can become so much better than we; the only thing we have to do is let them. They deserve such attitude, so let’s not let them down.