Drug consumption is one of the most discussed and analyzed topics in the literature and scientific works, researches and experiments throughout the last twenty years. Drug specialists and scientists have developed various methodologies for fighting with the increasing drug consumption and trade.

This work will not touch upon any new aspects of drug consumption or trade, but we will look in more details at the evolution of the illegal drug trade and preventive measures in Central and Latin America. The purpose of this study is to analyse current state of events in regards of this topic and try to develop several parallels between the growth/reduction in the drug trade and consumption within the region as well as measures, taken by individual governments and joint efforts of the America’s states.

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The analysis is based on the review of the existing literature and latest measures taken in relation to the illegal drug trade in the region of America and Asia, development of the so-called black market and competition between legal drug trade, production and sales and their illegal alternatives.

To narrow down the scope of the analysis, it was decided to focus on the specific drug – heroin. Geographical scope will cover the Golden Triangle, the region of Southeast Asia and Afghanistan that are considered to be the world’s largest heroin exporting regions. The results of the analysis will include:

– Geographical analysis.
– Growth rates and statistical analysis per region.
– Specific measures and their effectiveness on the reduction of illegal trades.

The results will be presented in the form of a report that will include details of theoretical background analysis and specific statistical comparison to support main conclusions.