People are social creatures and they are differentiated from animals by the ability to think. The mental element has a lot to do with the character of a person in the society. No one is able to lead a completely isolated life away from the society and its products.

The background of this research is that of the changes that happen to the character during person’s life within the society. Each one of the individuals has some kinds of activities that he does on his own, but if we consider the sociological aspect along with the psychological one, it becomes a whole different scenario.

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The research was conducted in a group of people, which included representatives from different classes of society and several age groups. The way in which they responded to a specific situation differed considerably from the other reactions. Each one of them had his or her own way of approaching the problems and situations.

Still, people, who were friends in real life, showed some similar results, which means that they had specific influence over each other. This is the perfect example of the social interaction which exists between people in a society. Even though every one of them was not engaged in real communication with each other, they were able to convey the ideas and influence the mind of others in the group.

To sum up, the social interaction is not a process, limited by the development in the communication skills. The mental influence of a person over other people is not a physical aspect, as it is purely related to the capacity of the mind to analyze and organize the activities that they see and hear around them.