We must admit that every little boy dreams to become an adult ASAP so as to be a true man. Time flies by and this guy is far not a teenager any more, but has he reached his original goal?

Male and female roles are changing dramatically in the modern society and that’s the fact. Women are extending their influence in all the spheres of life. They are active and influential politicians, successful businesswomen, brave astronauts and wise doctors. Women build career and take care of their families, spend the whole eternity in beauty salons and make astonishing achievements in science. Their energy has no limits, it seems.

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The only question which appears at this point is, naturally, where are the men? Please, understand me correctly, that’s wonderful that our careful men give women a chance to do all mentioned above, which fills them with proud and joy for their darlings and gives even more extent of happiness to women. Nevertheless, does this change influence the relationship between a man and a woman? It certainly does and not always in the best way.

To start with, men don’t consider themselves as breadwinners any more, providing a number of families with unbelievable understanding and happiness in case his wife is ready to take up such a responsibility. Househusbands are not a surprise nowadays, but the number of men living on a woman’s account without marrying her and without taking care of house chores should be greatly decreased, to my mind.

Another problem is that such a quick change in the man-woman relations will influence the next generation greatly. There used to be a number of unspoken and even unrealized small details in everyday life of a family, which gave children the idea of a strong man, who is the head of the family and a loving careful woman that should be taken care of.

Modern children are confused. Girls are trying to behave as their strong mothers, which results in them being less feminine. Boys are becoming gentler and even feminine, following examples of their fathers and looking for strong reliable women to behave as their mothers used to.

The only possible conclusion is the following. We are probably on the way to better understanding. That’s true and the reason is that people are becoming sexless to some extent. We can choose to be strong or weak, to…