The majority of society members are broadening the expectations they have for the universities. In this case people are taking into consideration values of personal human capital. The majority of people require from the higher education more concentration on the skills of transferable workplace. Students usually ask two similar questions: “Why should I go through all these university courses if they are absolutely useless for my future career?” and “What kind of job can I obtain with such a degree?” The problem is that the majority of the universities do not have such a specific aim – to prepare students for the future career. They do not take into consideration economic needs of society. Thus, students leave university buildings without skills in how to survive in the economic area of society needs.

The main concern is that it is necessary to attribute to the university the concept of workplace skills. Moreover, it is extremely important to provide students with the knowledge of the economic benefits they can obtain at the university courses. The main aim of the university leaders should be related not only to knowledge transference and learning support providing, but also to teaching what economic advantages they are sure to have after the graduation.

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Unfortunately, the majority of students graduate being absolutely helpless and having no opportunity to adapt to the economic needs the society presents. It is important to not just to acquire knowledge, but to be able to put it into practice and feel like you are called for it as well! To meet such requirements our governments should realize that in our life everything’s not just about money, but it’s about people’s lives too.