Today all we hear about is growing quantity of abortions, kids getting pregnant, all kinds of sexual transmitted diseases being spread. Sexuality-connected problems are on the rise. What we need to think about is the cause and possible ways of changing the situation. Most people think that if there was more information on sexual relations, the number of these cases could probably be reduced to minimum.

Sex education lessons can be the best solution to that. Teenagers would be able to get reliable information on the means of contraception, start of sexual life, abortions, venereal diseases and so on.

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On the other hand, all that stuff is very personal, and the way it is represented can have a huge impact on the kids’ future relationships and sexuality. It is very important to have the right way to deliver the information; moreover, there should be the right person to do it. Of course, you won’t let a stranger iron you knickers, so how can you let him teach your child what the sex is. The appropriate teacher should have strong moral values, background in education or simply be a good and wise person.

When most adults hear about sex education, the first thought that comes to their minds is “modern teenagers know more than we do about that”. I know one lady who used to think that she couldn’t get pregnant when the moon was fool. However, even her small 5-year-old son proves she is wrong. But as for teenagers, their image of what is wrong and right when it comes to sex is based on very fragmentary information and mostly on gossips they spread among each other. Even though our society claims to be open-minded, most of the kids feel too embarrassed to come to adults with their doubts when it comes to sex. You will find significant dissimilarities on the problem of abstinence. 15 % of people in America think that colleges should instruct just about abstinence from sexual activity and cannot showcase the way to acquire and make use of condoms along with other pregnancy prevention measures. Moreover, sometimes institutions are expected to teach about homosexuality and correct attitude toward this fact. But can you be 100% sure that the opinion of the teacher who is leading the course will be equal to the one you have in your family? Never.

Sex education lessons are definitely better than no information on this topic at all. It is wise to begin conversations on sexual topics at early age, in easy approaches, and after that let the kids find out more year after year. By doing so, the kids will believe that this is an organic and common knowledge, issues they’ve know for a long time. But in my mind, it would be more effective if that knowledge came from the person whom a teenager can trust – like parents or close relatives.