Nothing in the modern world and society happens without the impact of human activities. Let us look at the daily activities of an ordinary individual. When the person wakes up, he or she uses the water for hygiene purposes, then we use personal or public transport to come to the office. In the office we produce something, whether it is information or product. We still somehow and at some moment impact our surroundings. Water consumption affects nature, transportation creates pollution and our job creates certain effects on the society we live in and even on future generations that will be here after us.

For better or worse, we have significant impact on everything that fits within the definition of being or life. What can we do to make the impact as positive and constructive as we can and to leave future generations a chance to enjoy the impact of human activities that was developed during our existence?

A lot of people ask this question and there is no answer that will satisfy every single individual. We all have to look at it from our own perspective that is built on our capabilities, activities and our understanding of the world. Human activities are much wider, than it may seem from the first glimpse. Each and every of us is the example of the simple person we talked about previously and all together we create a society that influences the activities of the city, country and even world. We take so much from the nature! One breath probably will not change anything, but during one second more than 6 billion people make this breath and take out a bit of oxygen from the nature. Do we give back enough?