Is It Better to Know a Little About Many Subjects or a Lot About One?

People are free to choose whichever life path they consider the best. Some want to learn as much as possible, but they usually don’t have time to learn all the peculiarities of the given matters. Thus, they end up knowing a little about many subjects. Completely opposite situation is having vast knowledge about one subject.

The first case – when you know a little about many different things – is good due to several reasons. First of all, it is easy, as you don’t have to apply much effort – you begin learning something, get bored and postpone finishing it till you don’t want to do it. Besides, it can show you as an educated person, as when speaking with people, you can comment on many different topics. But here pros end and cons begin, which changes situation to the opposite, as they really outweigh the advantages.

When people haven’t mastered any occupation perfectly, they will not have a chance of getting a well-paid job, as they will not be valuable specialists. Business world is constantly looking for experts in all the spheres. Thus, without vast knowledge of at least one subject, your career chances are really poor. This situation also shows you in not favorable light, as it means that you cannot finish what you started, or don’t want to finish, which is also not good.

At the same time, knowing a lot about one subject makes you a specialist and professional, which guarantees respect, interesting and efficient work and many other benefits. Among drawbacks I can only name the one – it is hard to get to the level of real specialist, but each and every person has to strive to become one.