Every day baseball becomes more and more popular. The eternal love to this amazing sport starts with simple collecting baseball cards and watching Sunday games on TV and very often it can turn in internationally known fame of number one baseball player.

People are fond of baseball game, but too rarely do they pay attention to the history of its appearance. Let’s try to find out as much as we can about the origin of baseball.

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It is usually said in different sources that the origin of this game is unknown. People believe in many theories and we will take a closer look to some of them. According to one of them, baseball game is some sort of transformation of the British game of cricket. The other theory is quit legendary. According to it, there was a boy who one day was chased by some elder kids. Once they began to throw rocks at him, they boy hit one of the rocks with the walking stick he had. Everyone was amazed and the kids got the idea of a new game. They took their walking sticks and started having fun throwing and hitting rocks.

Apart from the two theories described above, there was one more hypothesis of the appearance of this popular game. It took place in 1831 when the mother of a boy whose name was Abner decided to make a little scrap leather ball. While making a new toy for her son, the woman used old yarn and thread. Together with his mother Abner wanted to go outside and play game called “catch”. But very soon the boy got tired and bored of constant throwing and started thinking about hitting the ball. With the help of a stick he could hit the boy as far as it was possible. The majority of baseball fans beyond doubt believe this theory to be a truthful one. But nowadays it’s up to you to believe in them or not. Anyway, you can easily create your own. Everything’s in your own hands!