Usually, when the question is about who is a better sportsman – a white or black one – people tend to prefer the latter one. Why so? To talk about the racial differences (physical and cultural) it is important to say that in the past it was all about the discrimination excuses. Nowadays, the dominancy of black sportsmen is no wonder anymore, but still this aspect makes people think what the reason of black dominancy is. Nevertheless, the majority of scientists in the United States of America are not really concerned with the study of the white & black people’s physical differences.

However, the black athletes’ obvious superiority brings up two main questions – are they really better than the athletes with white skin? If it is true, then why is it so?

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O.J. Simpson, for example, has no doubts concerning the racial differences that he has surveyed. According to his words, black athletes are built in a little bit different way. They have longer legs, skinnier calves, which means they were created for speed and, as we know, in the majority of kinds of sport the speed factor is a crucial one.

Joe Morgan has also said some words about the differences between blacks and whites. In accordance to his ideas, the main difference between these people lies in the psychological reasons. That is why black people have better speed and agility. For such sports like basketball, baseball and football those features are of number one importance. The black athletes are definitely superior in such situations. It seems like they were created to be able to do more things than the rest. For example, they have no equals in basketball jumping note (65 % of NBA players are Afro-American).

To my mind, the main reason why black sportsmen are superior over the rest lies in the fact that they are naturally more capable of endurance and if to talk about numbers, there’s 80% of physiological factor and 20% of sociological, which makes them faster, stronger and better sportsmen!