When it’s time to go to school for the first time, parents face a great number of issues. Among them there is a school uniform aspect.

A lot of teachers in schools, where schools uniform was called off notice, reported that there was a harsh differentiation among children, starting from the very young age. The kids with rich parents had an opportunity to come to school in new clothes almost every day. The others thus started to worry about clothes and about the way they looked in comparison to their richer class mates, which influenced their academic record.

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Nowadays, not only a great number of teachers think that school uniform is highly important at the beginning school, but also a lot of parents and psychologists have the same point of view. Individuality is really interesting only when you can express it with the help of personal features, like charm, knowledge, ability to communicate, etc. All these things will help a child in the future. At the beginning school teachers work with not stable personalities, who don’t have to be worried about their appearance and put it at the first place in their school lifetime. When clothes are at the foreground, the system of consistent ethic values is being destroyed and the kid starts working on his image, and forgets about enrichment of his inner world.

It is important to realize that nowadays school uniform looks like a business suit, which helps to feel confident and nice. Once the kid puts on this uniform, he feels like he looks great and he doesn’t waste time on thinking what new to wear each day. Thanks to school uniform, the classroom is filled with an atmosphere, which reminds to the kids what they are here for – to study and demonstrate what they are capable of.