To my mind, grades are one of the realities that make students feel miserable and confused. Moreover, they aren’t always fair and can completely eradicate the desire to study in a diligent manner. If another person, who is not as assiduous as you are, still gets the same grades – why bother and spend sleepless nights hammering at books? And all of this is solely due to grades and their effect.

To my mind, the main aim of education is not to collect the best and the highest grades, but to gain knowledge that is necessary for future life and success. But not everyone understands it. A lot of students think that if they direct all their efforts towards getting high grades, they will succeed. But they are wrong. In order to be prepared for the adult life, you have to develop many various skills, which is not possible is everything the student does is reading books on his own.

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Grades were introduced as a way of control and motivation for students, but instead became a source of students’ understanding of what injustice means and that often you can’t do anything with it. To my mind, it is not the best way to show it and definitely not the way to motivate students to studying.

The main thing that should be done is changing some students’ perception of the grades’ essence. They have to understand that high grades do not guarantee the best result in career and personal life and have to understand that a lot of other spheres of life also call for their attention. In my opinion, the best way out is introduction of the other system of motivation and elimination of such unfair reality as grades.