Many students cannot understand why professors urge them to get involved into different extracurricular activities and how this may be beneficial for them. In fact, they think that this is just another way of making their life more complicated and a way of preventing them from having fun. Of course, it isn’t so, and let me explain why.

The matter is, young people have to do everything possible to develop themselves in different spheres. If they pay proper attention to studying, it is not enough for successful academic career. They have to develop their socializing, organizational, analytic and many other skills, for the purpose of which these extracurricular activities are developed.

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The initial thing that every student has to understand is that he should choose the area, which will be most interesting for him and that he should develop his skills in this field intensively. The sooner he will be able to suit the needs of the given vocation, the better it is for his future career. Of course, it is better to start getting familiarized with all the peculiarities of some subject before you start to seek job with minimum practical knowledge.

Students have to realize that teachers and the whole order of life in college are developed not to make his life harder and spoil his most interesting years. Instead, everything is designed to prepare him for the future life, to show him how to stand competition and reach success. Without this basis it is very hard to fit the rapid flow of life and start living completely independently and achieve success.