Behavioral modifications were worked out in order to help kids with disabilities and disorders of different kinds to live a normal life. Very often children with the autism syndrome get engaged in behaviors like temper tantrums. This factor can become a serious obstacle for classroom studying. Exactly with the purpose to lend a helping hand to such children, we have worked out behavioral modification system, which has one main aim – to help kids and their teachers spend the classroom hours much more effectively.

The majority of children who suffer from autism syndrome can be difficult to control, which may become one of the unpleasant surprises in the learning process. In order to avoid unpredictable situations, every teacher has an opportunity to make the studying easier by means of providing the child with the list of the things they are going to do in the classroom that very day. Moreover, teachers can inform children about all possible changes, which are going to take place, and let them know when exactly this may happen. If the teacher is going to have a walk with kids, he can let them know about it by saying: “In 10 minutes we will be preparing to go to have a walk” instead of telling a child to put on his jacket and go outside. Then it is necessary to remind him about that before the time of going for a walk comes up.

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Provide the child with clear and understandable directions. There’s no need to give all possible tasks at once. It is recommended to create different activities sections. Once you provide the child with the first “step” he has to “take”, wait till he/she accomplishes it before moving forward to the second task. Remember, some children with autism syndrome can become too nervous if you speak to them too loudly. It is extremely important to find the most appropriate pitch for both sides.

Children with autism syndrome can from time to time fly into a tantrum. Don’t be disappointed. If things like that happen, it is recommended to turn back to a child for some moment. It is possible to create a so-called countdown for this child by showing him fingers counting to 4. If at the end of counting the kid couldn’t inform you about what he wants, you have to repeat counting again and again, until he can clearly tell you about the things he’s is disturbed about.

Remember, ignoring is the worst emotion in our world. The children with autism syndrome are in a strong need of attentive care, understanding and love.