When contraceptives such as condoms became widely available, those who supported this kind of thing from the very beginning supposed that this is going to bring an end to all the problems of humanity in the sphere of sex – both in what concerns unwanted pregnancy and venereal diseases. The facts, however, do not speak in favor of such an idea.

Women still get pregnant when they are not going to; people still get infected by the venereal diseases, the number of which increased with the emergence of the AIDS. All these phenomena were supposed to become less widely spread, yet we see the contrary. The reason is quite simple. While being rather effective as the means of personal protection of sexual partners, condoms, in the long run, changed the people’s attitude towards the sexual intercourse in general. From being something important, the sign of utmost intimacy between two people and something that broadens and widens their relationship, it turned into a way to have a good time. And I am not speaking about morality and suchlike here.

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Hence promiscuous sexual relations, irresponsibility, easiness with which people start and end relationships and so on. We may add that condoms themselves are not exactly failsafe contraception measure, just like all the rest. There is always a little, yet existing probability of the condom being defective, yet for some reason the majority of people either don’t understand it or don’t want to understand, however strange it may be. Would you agree to do a parachute jump knowing that there is a 10% probability of parachute not opening? Yet, people seem not to mind such risks.

In the past, venereal diseases were extremely dangerous for not very numerous people who had promiscuous sexual relations. Now they are less dangerous – but the number of potential infected grew tenfold.