Before you start working with PowerPoint, remember that the best presentation is the one done from scratch. The purpose of any presentation is to provide genuine and authentic information which is 100 percent non-plagiarized. There’s no need to overwhelm your audience with demonstration of all the software opportunities – you just have to present your ideas in clear way.

There are many PowerPoint services on the web, where you can easily order presentation and it will be ready in a short period of time without any efforts of yours. You get what you want and present it at your college/university. Aren’t you supposed to feel proud and happy? The point is that real happiness and proud can be experienced only in case if the PowerPoint presentation will be done by your own hands and intellect. Follow our simple guide and you will discover the main benefits of doing PowerPoint from scratch.

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  • You have to decide if the presentation you are working on will be of entertaining, informative, persuasive or selling nature. Define what kind of approach it is recommended to use for your audience – formal or informal.
  • It is extremely important to use the colors and clip art in strict accordance with the objective of your PowerPoint presentation. Once you have decided to do PowerPoint presentation from scratch, you get an opportunity to create custom show by means of it!
  • When working on your presentation, you should keep it simple. Don’t forget to cut the clutter. It is advisable to use not more than one graphic image per slide.
  • While creating your own PowerPoint presentation from scratch, never use more than six words per bullet. Use six bullets on one page. It is highly recommended to use six word slides in one row.
  • Note that it is important to use the same fonts and colors throughout the whole presentation. Pick up the PowerPoint images of the same style.