Guess, what unites McDonald’s French Fry, soybean and tomato? The answer is not at all pleasing and predictable. The point is that they are representatives of the food which is often genetically modified and then sold in the supermarkets. The process of genetic modifying lies in the fact, that scientists take genetic information from the organism and insert it into the other one. That is how they get an opportunity to make food crops be always fresh and grow faster and bigger. Although everything sounds quite unclouded, it is extremely important to remove the genetically modified foods from everyday life because of the lethal threat. It affects human health, the environment and global economy in a dreadful way.

Thanks God, the European community has strict anti-genetically modified food policy. That is why, when the question is about selling genetically modified foods at the markets of the European cities, the authority has their strict veto to this aspect. The European Parliament has officially imposed restrictions on the GM (genetically modified) foods together with several European nations and some stores, where they have also refused from these killing products. The manufactures are required to put labels on all foods with the note that this or that product doesn’t contain genetically modified elements.

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Why have they set up such a clamor about the GM foods? The point is that human health is the central factor, which is threatened.