Media is a science that falls into the scope of the publicity and advertisement. Main objective of this science is to identify the main sources and ways of attracting target audience to a particular product. When we walk in the city and find ourselves diving into the colourful banners on the streets or listening short announcements in the underground, reading newspaper with a lot of small and big advertisement campaigns – it is all the result of the media specialists’ work. “Your advertisement could be here” is one of the very common ways to attract your attention and if you read this phrase on the wall or on the city stand, it means that these promotional tactics work and you are one of the target audience.

The purpose of this research document is to analyse the evolution and the scope of the job responsibilities and key objectives of the media specialists in the current market environment.

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A lot of literature was specifically dedicated to analysis of marketing topics and media in particular. One of the aspects that, from my perspectives, still has a lot of room for research and analysis, is the way this science evolved during the last decade. The results of the analysis will provide a deep insight into the evolution of media in view of the changes, determined by the needs of society and fast-changing business environment.

The research document is based on the analysis of the previous literature and face-to-face interview with 23 specialists from the media sphere, represented by gender, various job functions and varied level of the organization. On the basis of the analysis, the writer will drive the conclusions on the evolution process of media functions.