Should Computer Literacy Be Required for All College Students?

Having access to computer software and the Internet became very important in the modern world. Whatever position you hold, you need a computer support. A manager uses his laptop to look through financial statements, send emails or hold videoconferences. A maid needs a special card to get access to rooms and the whole hotel system is controlled by the computer. Furthermore, one can use Internet access for entertainment. For instance, it is much easier to check when and where the first run of a film will take place than to call.

In the age of the global computerization computer illiteracy could be a great problem for younger generations. University and college authorities implement platforms for e-learning and self-training, yet a lot of students are not able to use them. They are not aware of how the system works and what they need to do to become more successful in the studying process. Moreover, professors require their students to make presentations using Power Point or even short film projects on selected subjects. Computer-illiterate students cannot cope with such tasks as they don’t have any skills for that.

Still, there is no problem without solution. One of the best ways to avoid such difficulties would be to implement compulsory computer courses in schools. Such course should teach students how to work with the most widespread software, use different Internet browsers and define the most common computer malfunctions.

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