It is so much fun to watch how science fiction stories become reality – like laser guns and genetic engineering. Due to all the talks about ecology, more and more plots tell us about some kind of huge disasters that threaten humankind and make the bravest go find a new shelter in the outer space. If you take ecological threats seriously, they seem to be good reasons for space exploration.

Humankind has already been out of the Earth. It’s been over 50 years since then. And where have we gone so far? Not too far. The biggest use we are getting from space being explored is satellite communication, which was invented back during so called “arms race” – a long time ago.

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The path that space engineering has proceeded by during this half of century is too short if we compare it to mechanical engineering, for example: from first Benz’s bus with internal-combustion engine that could barely go 15mph to luxury cars of today.

The reason I brought up this example is to prove that the amount of money that is spent on exploration of space is too big in comparison with the use it brings. As to the future dangers – we do not face them yet. And most of them seem to be just good examples of information manipulation.

I have always stood for development of science. I think it is the driver of progress. There are so many spheres of our life that require rapid investigation and considerable money flows, that if compared to them, spending money on space exploration seems to be a waste.